This is Mykonos, a whitewashed paradise in the middle of the Cyclades. Until the 1950s, Mykonos was a humble island without electricity and that its inhabitants were farmers, fishermen and shepherds. Things changed with the arrivals of Aristotle Onasis, Maria Callas, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Tailor and other prominent Athenians and legendary names of the international jet set.

The Mykonians with their open spirit and generous hospitality were very welcoming people compared to those at other, more popular destinations at the time, making Mykonos a very attractive place for the super-rich artists and movie stars. Today Mykonos is a summer destination to suit all tastes; for students, families, honeymooners, party animals, LGBTs and everyone else, it is up to each visitor to get what they please and the island will certainly fulfil all expectations.

Mykonos Town

For your first evening in the island we recommend a visit to the charming and vibrant Mykonos town (Hora). With its labyrinth-like streets, confusing layout, white houses with colourful windows, bougainvillea covered balconies, hidden chapels and lively waterfront, the town is one of the best examples of the typical Cycladic architecture and the perfect introduction to the island’s distinct atmosphere.

A diverse crowd of common people and eccentric personalities of all ages and continents wander around and enjoy the cosy bars, fancy restaurants, chic art galleries and high-fashion boutiques. Do not miss the windmills and the Little Venice area for amazing sunset views. Alternatively, go to the more elevated locations around town to enjoy a magnificent panorama at dusk. In Hora there is a formidable dining scene from cosy, low-key tavernas to extravagant fusion fish food restaurants. There are plenty of options for drinks and partying until the morning hours.

Mykonos by Day

There is a very rich beach scene in Mykonos, the liveliest places are in the south-southwest coast, while the southeast and north remain basic and (almost) untouched. Since you will get many opportunities to enjoy remote areas during this trip, we recommend following the crowds. There are more than 25 beaches around Mykonos and the natural beauty of the island’s coastline is impressive!

You can start with a swim at the beautiful Kalo Livadi or Kalafati beach; they both offer plenty of options for water sports enthusiasts and excellent restaurants. Alternatively, the long white sand of Elia with its attractive tavernas is perfect for families. Head towards the gorgeous Paragka beach with its glamorous, chic clubs; or to Paradise and Super Paradise for a more intense party experience. Psarrou beach with its abundance of superyachts is the ultimate see-and-be-seen destination if you want to mingle and party with international celebrities dancing barefoot around you until late evening. Alemagou in the north is a relatively new entrant with its elegant beach club and amazing full moon parties.

Ancient Delos

There are many islands and islets around Mykonos that are best explored by boat. The one not to miss is Delos. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and a UNESCO heritage site. Delos history starts in the Greek mythology, as the birthplace of God Apollo and his sister Artemis; their two most important sanctuaries are based here. Later, in the Hellenistic times, the island was an economic and commercial centre, a city of more than 30,000 people. The entire island is a fascinating, open museum and you will feel the spirituality of this magical place.

Delos is a mere 40’ sail from Tourlos marina, or even faster if you take the guided tours from Mykonos’ harbour. The site’s opening times are 8:00-15:00 but try to arrive in the early morning to avoid the strong midday sun. If you are on a bareboat charter, have a look at possible anchorages around Delos; you are not allowed to approach the island due to the numerous artefacts still laying in the seabed.

Rineia islet

Next to Delos there is Rineia, a rocky uninhabited island with quiet secluded coves and turquoise waters, located 1-1.5 hour away from the marina. The South Bay is probably the most attractive option. However, Miso bay (west) and Skhino bay (east) are equally beautiful and well protected from the meltemi.